Sticker system

I ran across this blog post while I thought back to college and how I used to put my entire life into my planner. This was before Gmail and Google Calendars, so of course everything was on physical paper. I tracked everything in my planner – school assignments, meetings, birthdays and when I went to the gym.

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After gaining my sophomore 10, I was determined not to gain any more. I signed up for volleyball class (one semester, I signed up for 2 classes so I was at the gym Monday through Thursday mornings), and I was running at the indoor track. Every time I went to the gym, I put a little star sticker in my planner. I had a bunch of these Avery Foil Star Stickers sitting around, and it made me feel good to see my calendar filled with gold, red, blue and green stars.

Now that I live by my Google Calendar, I really miss the physical act and visual reminder of seeing star stickers as rewards for my good efforts. Sometimes I wonder if I taped a calendar to my wall to add stickers if that would either help motivate me or depress me if I neglected to get on my mat. Conveniently, this post came through my RSS feed for some printable calendar designs. The universe is telling me something…

How do you keep track of your progress? Does it work for motivation?

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