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This is one way to pause my yoga practice


See that little booger face above? That’s my kid. Now that’s he’s more steady on his feet with months of walking practice, he’s testing his boundaries. The other day, I found him in the laundry basket, rocking violently side to side until he tipped it over. Thank goodness he caught himself with his hands or he would’ve surely knocked his head onto the wood floor.

Two nights ago, after I turned to put away his bath items, I turned back to see him STANDING in the bath tub. My heart stopped, and my back jerked up as I lunged forward to grab him. Standing in the tub is a major no-no. I aged about 15 years in that split second. And now I have some indescribable pain in my low back, right side.

It reminded me a bit of sciatica that I experienced during the last trimester of pregnancy. But maybe not so much a nerve. I think my muscles locked up. I tried easing into some forward folds, and I could feel how tight it was back there. Even stretching out in child’s pose feels painful. I’ve been putting a heating pad on it and taking some ibuprofen to try to keep whatever inflammation down.

This is bad, y’all. I’ve never thrown my back out. I don’t know if this fully qualifies as throwing it out, but I imagine this is on the same scale. I have a hard time bending forward now to pick things up. (Especially hard when my kid is begging to be picked up!)

I’m trying to find some good restorative postures that might help to ease the tension back there. And I’m thinking this means I’ll need to pause any type of vigorous yoga until the pain subsides. Guess this as good a time as any to work in gentle yoga. And maybe some acupuncture. Oy. Only 5 and a half weeks until the Ashtanga Confluence. How will I ever get back in shape?

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