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12 Intentions for yoga practice

Photo Credit: Hsubox Photography

Photo Credit: Hsubox Photography

At the start of a yoga class, the teacher gives us a moment to set our intention. And I always come up blank or fall back on something easy like flexibility or stress-relief. I never feel like I have a good one though. I gave it a lot of thought recently so I wouldn’t go into a class without an intention in mind, which means I’m merely going through the motions and not actually focusing on anything in particular (which is fine most days).

Here are 12 intentions for future practices. Some are just for fun and some are serious, depending on whatever mood you’re in for your practice.

  1. I will let go of my ego and find humor in my body’s limitations today. 
  2. Feel thankful for having this moment to breathe, to move and to take time for myself.
  3. I think I can. I know I can. I think I can. I know I can.
  4. At every vinyasa, I will feel renewed and recharged for whatever may come next.
  5. Inhale the good. Exhale the bad.
  6. Ignoring my neighbor’s body musk makes for a more challenging and rewarding practice.
  7. One breath closer to savasana.
  8. Don’t forget about mula bandha.
  9. I will only do what I can for the day.
  10. Always leave my mat feeling better than when I arrived.
  11. At least I got on my mat.
  12. Just do the yoga.

What intentions do you use during your yoga practice?

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