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Avoiding sweet tooth temptations

These are the weekend treats that show up in the office kitchen on Monday mornings. Leftover birthday cake or weekend baking experiment or “sharing the calories”, as I like to call it. When I see all that decadent chocolate, my stomach starts calling out to me Smegal-style. I wants it. I needs it. My precious!

I’ve fallen for this trick many times over. I ask my cube mate to help me stay accountable. “Don’t let me eat another cookie,” I tell her. My sweet tooth is strong. But I’m trying to be stronger.

My latest technique to avoid the sweets is to give it a few hours. The email is sent, announcing that there’s something amazingly tasty in the kitchen. Usually, the young men in our office are racing toward the table. Their metabolism is much better than mine, and they probably work out each week WAY more than I do in a month. So I let them get their fill first. If I’m still craving the sweet, I might go peek my head over there to see if anything’s left. If I’m lucky, it will all be gone. Whew! Temptation has been extinguished. And if there’s any left over… well… I might cut a tiny slice.

There’s a yoga sutra (and I’m going off of some light research I’ve done – nothing serious or deep) that reads:

II.7 sukha anusayi ragah Pleasure leads to desire and emotional attachment.

I know that I have unnatural attachments to sweets and sugar and the lovely temporary feeling of euphoria when I’m nom-ing on a cookie with just the right texture. And it’s unhealthy. Not only is the treat itself unhealthy (man, why does butter and sugar taste so freakin’ good?) but my attachment to that pleasurable feeling. I really am trying to find ways to break this habit.

For you sweet tooths out there, how do you avoid temptation?

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  1. I’m totally guilty of ‘sharing the calories’. Whenever I bake, at least 3/4 comes into the office.

  2. Michelle says

    I do the exact same thing you do with respect to making myself wait before peeking in the break room (with varying degrees of success based on my willpower that day). My other strategy is to keep a sweet, but healthier, snack in the fridge to nosh on instead of said chocolate temptation.

    The other thing I will do is tell myself, at the beginning of the day, “I will not eat any sweets today,” or “I will only eat one small helping of sweets,” so that when it happens, it’s something that I’ve planned for ahead of time rather than a temptation that I’ve given into. Again… varying degrees of success. 😛

    I don’t think your “attachment” is “unnatural,” clearly! 😛

    • Terri says

      i like those! i did recently stock up on yogurt covered pretzels and dried cranberries to keep at my desk. except… now i know they’re there and i’m now tempted by my own snack drawer.

  3. I’m also an enabler because I love to cook but it’s too much to eat on my own. I like to share the wealth.

    BUT I also eat horribly in the office as well when there are treats involved. I eat so well at home and bring healthy lunches because I don’t keep the stuff in my house, but when it comes to work I gorge and feel guilty afterward 🙁

    What I do to avoid some of it, is to make a lunch that is so good that I’m excited about eating it instead of whatever may be in the kitchens.

    • Terri says

      you’re totally an enabler!!! any time your plate of cookies comes out, my brain stops recognizing that i’m full, and i realize i’ve eaten my 5th cookie. what if you baked in smaller batches? 😛 or you created cookie flavored gum?

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