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#doingtheyoga Round-up: Week 10


I’m glad to report that my return to a group ashtanga practice has been pretty smooth. I was worried I would feel really rusty, but the Tuesday evening class is balmy with lots of ashtangis gathered side by side. And holy kurmasana [pic, but not of me]! I was sweaty enough to slide right into this and be nearly flat to the ground. I did not know I had that flexibility.

This past week, I also celebrated another birthday. The absolute best part about my birthday is that I take a work day off and go to a yoga class in the middle of a week day – something I rarely get to do. I looked through schedules across a few studios and found a noon class by one of my favorite teachers, Angie. It’s been a good week of yoga.

Feb. 2: making good progress on pincha mayurasana! fun vinyasa class this morning @castlehill_yoga #doingtheyoga

Feb. 5: slippery practice tonight @castlehill_yoga #doingtheyoga

Feb. 8: Very relaxing hatha flow class w/angie @YogaYogaAustin now off to see a movie #doingtheyoga #birthdayrocks

You can follow my progress on Twitter @findingdrishti using the hashtag #doingtheyoga.

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