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#doingtheyoga Round-up: Week 12

findingdrishti-doingtheyoga-ayc2013The Confluence is getting so close! I hope I didn’t over-do it this week. 4 days in a row is a lot for me, and I was deliciously sore in my arms. A lot of plank variations. One more week to go before we’re off to San Diego!

Feb. 17: back bends & hip openers. perfect for a sunday. thanks, zakkiyah! @KulaYoga #doingtheyoga

Feb. 18: Getting ready for some free yoga lululemon  #doingtheyoga

Feb. 18: A little solar, a little lunar. Thanks, @giocondayoga for a fun practice @lululemon #doingtheyoga

Feb. 19: Felt tired tonight. 3 days in a row of #doingtheyoga. Thanks, @yogamattb @castlehill_yoga

Feb. 20: Sub at tonight’s vinyasa class. Always fun to practice with different teachers. #doingtheyoga @kulayoga

You can follow my progress on Twitter @findingdrishti using the hashtag #doingtheyoga.

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