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The bend-over yoga pant test

Sheer yoga pants! Source: failjail.com

Unfortunate sheer yoga pants. At least she wore underwear. Source: failjail.com

I ordered the new Lulu Ebb & Flow pants with the promise that it was a miracle pair of pants that hides muffin top like no other. It definitely held up to that promise. They fit like a dream.

HOWEVER, the reviews (and eventually the product description on the website) talked about how sheer the material was. I ordered these online before the site was updated and before more people had a chance to review the product, so I didn’t have the luxury to try them on before purchasing.

Because I hadn’t seen the reviews yet, I wore them to a class without thinking twice. Thank goodness I wore dark solid panties underneath! The material is thin, breathable and wicks away sweat like no other yoga pant I’ve owned before, but it’s a bit TOO thin when you bend over.

So ladies, make sure to do a thorough bend-over test in good lighting when buying your yoga pants. I tried these pants on at home with nude undies underneath, and I might as well have worn glow-in-the-dark. With the dark pants, any light that caught light-colored material underneath would be illuminated. For sure, these were not a pair that you should go commando in unless you’re okay with everyone getting that much of an eyeful.

With that said, some friends had better luck by going up a size (I had ordered my usual size), so the material doesn’t stretch as much. They’ve also reported having to pull the pants up constantly since they aren’t as fitted in the mid-section.

The other bend-over test to check for is slippage, resulting in plumber’s crack. Try a few seated forward folds to see if the pants move around and eventually cause your butt to escape the pants.

So what to do about these pants I own? I did a thorough check at home while wearing dark panties underneath, and it’s not bad. As long as I’m not wearing them to a daytime, brightly lit class, no one will be the wiser. I think I’ll save them for evening classes where the lights are turned down a little and no one is set up behind me or for home practice. They’re too comfortable to return!

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  1. Love this! My problem is having the seam rip. That’s always fun in the middle of a down dog to hear a rriiippp. So, I’m forced to buy the baggy pants that have a tie in the front due to a small waist and large hips. Glad to know I’m not the only one who has pant issues and I’ll be sure not to judge when I see a panty or a crack. As I’m sure not many people take the time to bend over and review in a dressing room mirror.

    • Terri says

      yikes! thankfully, i haven’t had any issues with rips. sounds like you need to upgrade to a better quality yoga pant that is sewn stronger and with stretchier material. in those cases, underwear is definitely needed! 🙂

  2. Lindsay says

    OMG! Lululemon recall on yoga pants do to the sheerness. If purchased after March 1st. Love that you read it here first!

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