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AYC ’13: Closing thoughts


After the three and a half days I spent in San Diego, enjoying the sun, absorbing waves of information and just DOING THE YOGA, I made sure to scratch down my lingering thoughts before I got swept away in SXSW madness. And here’s where I landed:

  • The history lessons on how ashtanga came to be made me feel more connected to the practice than ever before.
  • There was so much philosophy. I’m very thankful for Eddie’s ability to make complex ideas easy to understand.
  • I definitely need to stop being scared of second series, even though I can’t bind behind my back by myself and I can’t stay in padmasana for long and I can’t do dropbacks. But that’s okay. Guruji moved them all at a quick pace, and I don’t see why I need to hold myself back anymore.
  • The joy of grasping my big toe!!! I had some awesome assists by a mustached assistant (anyone who attended know which teacher was rocking the sweet ‘stache?) who helped me grab my toe in ardha baddha padma paschimottanasana. I have NEVER done that before.
  • The disbelief of having a strong bind in marichiyasana C with Eddie’s help. He also got me really close to binding in mari. D.
  • Even after 3 days of intense asana-ing, I didn’t feel sore. Maybe I should start each day of vacation with a full round of ashtanga.
  • The feeling of being isolated in the ashtanga practice. This came up multiple times by the senior teachers. But this is exactly why something like the Confluence is so helpful for making personal connections.
  • Yoga should be fun, not all business and serious. Let’s practice with some levity and a sense of humor.
  • There were a lot of terms I need to look up. I don’t have the base knowledge that a lot of people who are teachers got through their teacher training.
  • And next time, I need to find a better way to transport my mat. Maybe a lighter one will pack easier since we were practicing on top of carpet, and I didn’t need the full support of my Lulu The Mat.

I wish I had been able to sit through all of Manju Jois’s special presentation about kids and yoga. If anyone was in attendance, I had a rowdy toddler who decided to yell at the top of his lungs for fun, so I excused myself out the back. I also wish I had the energy to attend the evening kirtan and Tim’s Hanuman Chalisa. (See note about rowdy toddler that hindered my participation.) I’m hoping some other attendees who blogged about the Confluence have some nice insights to share on what I missed.

And finally, I was so entertained by Tim Miller’s one eyebrow lift that he does that I stopped him in the hallway, grabbed some video and made an animated gif of it – in SLOW MO’! You’re welcome, ashtangis. findingdrishti-timmiller-eyebrow2

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  1. erin says

    Noah Williams was your mustachioed assistant. He teaches in LA. Great video of Tim!

    • Terri says

      thank you! i guess the pics i’ve seen of him, he was free of facial hair so i didn’t recognize him. and now i know. glad you like the tim video! haha.

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