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Back from the Confluence!


Whoa. There is so much to process and so much to share. I’ve only gotten as far as pulling the dirty laundry out of our luggage, so I have a lot of work ahead of me (after I catch up on my day job, of course) before I can really put together some meaningful posts.

To tide you over, I’ve conglomerated all my Tweets here to give you a taste. I also posted a bunch of pics on Instagram along the way, which are linked in the Tweets.

For now, I’ll just say that I really feel a deeper relationship with the practice of ashtanga and with the spirit of Guruji through all the many touching and hilarious stories the teachers shared. I’m especially thankful for the experiences that Dena and Nancy shared with us.

Stay tuned over the next few days/weeks (as I’m sure it’ll take that long for me to go through my copious notes!). And also as a heads up, I’m attending SXSW Interactive this coming weekend, so my brain may very well explode with all the ashtanga yoga and interactive geekiness.

From February 28: 

Just saw David swenson pass by. Must’ve been on the same flight

Getting ready for the puja ganesh @ayc_confluence

Things to remember. A stain upon your consciousness. @AYC_Confluence

That is some ashtanga heritage gathered here

Always impressed how perfect grass is in California

Live music to get us in the yoga mood

From March 1: 

Day 1 impressions: lots of chanting that im not used to doing. I hum along. Met some nice ppl. @AYC_Confluence

Day 2: starting odf with led primary with dena kingsberg. Everyone’s in close proximity. Looking forward to mysore tomorrow instead

This was about half way full. We got really close together. @ayc_confluence


note to self. Wash moisturizer thoroughly before practice

Jealous yet? Loving socal

A couple hundred ppl waiting to get in and talk about the legacy of guruji @ayc_confluence

Amazing how some girls will put on full makeup while I’ve already sweat through my clothes this morn

Good thing i didnt walk around with my wallet. Lots of cute and unnecessary yoga clothes and accessories. #ihaveaproblem@AYC_Confluence

Getting crowded in here. This seems to be a theme this weekend.@ayc_confluence

Panel with Eddie, tim (behind standing woman), Dena, dominic Nancy, David. @ayc_confluence

I think i like nancy’s old school version of ashtanga with rounded forward folds. Better stress relief.  @AYC_Confluence

Day 2 impressions: my arms a little like mush after 2 practices and carrying 20 lb toddler. @AYC_Confluence

Nancy Gilgoff had such an interesting introduction to ashtanga. Amazing how fast it works. @ayc_confluence

From March 2:

Welcome @ayc_confluence

7am mysore @ayc_confluence

Lot of sweaty bodies. But I walked out feeling AMAZING. @ayc_confluence

My ashtanga pigtails are holding up nicely. Good to see others rocking the tails too @ayc_confluence

Upgrade to a garden studio room was a good idea.

Tim Miller’s one lifted eyebrow needs to be made into an animated gif  @AYC_Confluence

Kids yoga demonstration @ayc_confluence

Day 3: with help, i was able to grab my toe from behind! So much yogic philosophy. Lots of work needed for pranayama @AYC_Confluence

Missing the kirtan, but im so exhausted. Also, kid had a complete meltdown at dinner.  @AYC_Confluence

And the fake burrito we’re hiding using uddiyana bandha… I totally ate a real one. Power of suggestion from dena  @AYC_Confluence

From March 3: 

Final mysore class. Hope i have someone else doing primary only to follow. You’d think after 6 years…  @AYC_Confluence

Got some major assists from eddie stern this morn to bind in marichiyasana c and d (almost in d). @AYC_Confluence

Thanks to dena kingsberg, i found a new level of shoulder flexibility. Feeling very limber. 3 days of ashtanga does that. @AYC_Confluence

Looking forward to this next panel about applying asana as a healing modality. I submitted a ? about thyroid disease. @AYC_Confluence

What other inside jokes do these guys have?  @ayc_confluence

Final day: so obvious how much these teachers love guruji. Incredibly thankful they share their stories and love with us. @AYC_Confluence

I have so much good stuff to bring back and reflect on in the next few days. @AYC_Confluence

This is my calm before the storm that is called sxsw interactive.

Dominic, tim and Dena. I was trying to catch Tim’s eyebrow lift. @ayc_confluence

Sirsasana, headstand @ayc_confluence

This side of the room seemed to get to savasana first @ayc_confluence

From March 4: David swenson is on my flight home. How will he handle this flight delay and my rambunctious toddler? #testingtheyogamaster

If anyone was wondering, david is just like the rest of us. Falls asleep before the plane takes off. 🙂

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