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Austin allergies can suck it


My co-workers, friends, family and I talk about allergies. A lot. Austin is one of those cities that is plagued with pollens and molds and grasses that make people’s faces and respiratory systems itch and blow up. Nearly everyone who lives in Austin for any amount of time will develop Austin allergies.

Growing up in Dallas, I never suffered from allergies. By my senior year of college at UT, I thought I was coming down with a cold every month, only later learning that I had developed allergies. Austin did it again!

I had a small break from allergies during my pregnancy and the early months of breastfeeding. Something about all those extra hormones surging through my body must have made me immune to it. But I’m no longer growing another human or producing sustenance for said human, and my body is back to frequent bouts of sneezing, itchy eyes, congestion, snot and post-nasal drip especially when mold is bad (and mold allergies exist year-round in Austin).

So if you guys are ever wondering why I won’t shut up about my neti pot, it’s because of this city that I love so much.

With that said, I really hate how much allergies put a damper on my yoga practice. I’m not sick per se, but I might as well be. I went to a yin yoga class recently. It seemed like the perfect wind down after the series of hot/warm vinyasa classes I took in the prior week. My body was kind of spent and asana’ed out. There’s a lot of “face down” postures that you hang out in and let the shape do its work in yin. When I’m already having a hard time breathing from congestion, I have an even harder time with my face down and everything draining forward.

Also, when my allergies kick in, my eyes get itchy and irritated. I wear my contacts probably 95% of my waking hours. On bad allergy days, I have to skip them and put on my glasses so I can put antihistamine drops in my eyes. Doing yoga with glasses on isn’t comfortable for me.

It really doesn’t seem fair that the thing that I rely on to keep me healthy can’t seem to fix the pollen count where I live. Bummer.

So here I am, in my yoga clothes, sipping down hot water with some Chinese herbal mix for sore throats and feeling super grumpy about not being in the mood for yoga thanks to allergies. Oh, and I just told my husband to leave me alone because I’m blogging about allergies, OKAY?


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  1. Kristy says

    try the injections! Dallas is pretty bad too but I had it worse it Austin

    • Terri says

      are these the steroid shots or the ones that are supposed to help you build immunity? i need to see what’s covered by my insurance.

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