Purifying cleanse recap


I really suck at diets, and I think I can now add that I’m not great at cleanses. But I gave it a good try – in the beginning!

I had a really hard time getting on board with the suggested meal plan. It requires a completely different shopping and cooking strategy than what we need for our family. Instead, I tried to eliminate animal products where I could and any bread items. I already don’t drink caffeine or sugary drinks, so that one was easy. Oh, and whatever I was going to be eating for the day needed to be easy to prep and bring to work.

I stuck better to my water intake. Half my body weight in ounces adds up to more than a gallon of water (don’t think too hard about the math) a day. Since so many of my co-workers are also working on their hydration, we’ve been keeping each other accountable on that front.

So here’s my day by day breakdown…

Day 1


I chugged the 10 oz each of Prepare, Eliminate and Recharge throughout the day like the plan prescribes. As much as the Eliminate green juice looked like poop water, it was probably the easiest one to swallow. The cayenne in Prepare really caught me off guard, and the Brazil nuts and cocoa in Recharge made for a very thick milkshake like beverage. I kept to roasted almonds (happened to have some on hand instead of raw almonds), baby carrots and fruit for snacks. And then my husband prepared dinner and brought pork chops and tamales home. He didn’t get the memo about no animal products as part of the meal plan. I took minimal bites for flavor and kept to the veggies he roasted.

My fancy "standing desk" set-up

My fancy “standing desk” set-up

At the same time as this cleanse, I started standing at work. My super fancy standing desk set-up is a box that’s at the right height. I want to think that it’s helping my digestion by elongating my body instead of staying seated all day. (By the way, I’m only lukewarm on the standing. My feet were killing me after one day.)

Day 2


I felt less bloated in the morning, and my jeans fit a little more comfortably. Maybe it was starting to work! But, the meal plan for day 2 was a bit… light.


I lovingly called the green juice “poop water”, but it tasted much more refreshing than it looked!

I drank the juice, had some berries for a mid-morning snack, a large salad for lunch, and more carrot sticks in the afternoon. None of it really filled me up, and I started scavenging through the office for something. Anything. I scarfed down a turkey and cheddar sandwich when I got home. It was completely against the meal plan but oh so delicious.

Day 3


The last of the juices! I finally got accustomed to the burning cayenne taste in the Prepare drink. But we celebrated National Grilled Cheese Day in addition to having a baby shower for a co-worker, so I cheated. I couldn’t say no. I’m so weak around food! I felt a little ill after a huge lunch of heavy cheese and bread and sweets, so maybe the cleanse was working and telling me to stop eating all this extra stuff. (The mustache straw was for the baby shower – it’s a boy!)

To top off my gluttonous day, I went to a friend’s bachelorette party dinner that night … at a Mexican restaurant. So of course, nothing I ate there was allowed on the meal plan either. Haha!

My closing thoughts are that I would probably need a better prescribed meal plan that is realistic. Some of the suggested meals had ingredients that I don’t even know where to find or whether it’s worth trying the taste, like caraway seeds. To be fair, I didn’t really give myself time to prepare my body to start a cleanse. I just jumped in with what we had, which was mostly NOT part of the cleanse. And for sure, I would take a better look at my calendar and only attempt a cleanse when there are no social eating occasions planned.

At least the juices that came with the Sambazon 3 day Purifying Cleanse tasted surprisingly good, and the $16 price tag wasn’t too big of a hit on the pocketbook!

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