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Review: Thai massage at Zen Well

Photo credit: Zen Well via Twitter

The inviting, calm waiting area as you enter Zen Well.  Photo credit: Zen Well via Twitter

To say that I’m a little addicted to Thai massage isn’t quite doing my emotions justice. This is hands down my favorite form of massage. I’ve only been able to get it twice before (the first time and the second time), and each of those experiences left me feeling like my body had really been worked over… because it had!

483573_538644806164213_1638759354_nThai massage is pretty difficult to find in these parts. Most of the local area spas offer some variation of Swedish massage and cost anywhere from $100 and up for a 50 or 60 minute session.

I’ve only found a few places that offer Thai, but I can’t afford them more than once in a blue moon. I was absolutely delighted when I saw a new place open up near my home called Zen Well, AND it specializes in Thai massage.

The best part? The prices are incredibly affordable. At $66 for a 60 minute session, that is a steal.

They have secure lockers to store your items, and they also have loose-fitting Thai pants to change into, but I recommend coming in your own yoga clothes for ultimate comfort.


Reclined massage chairs inside the Quiet area

When you enter the Quiet Area, there are a couple partitioned areas with padded massage mats on the floor for Thai massage as well as massage chairs, reclined chairs for foot reflexology and other private rooms. I saw that they offer hydro-bed massages too. Even though the Thai massage “rooms” were closed off by only curtains, I soon forgot that I wasn’t in a completely enclosed space as my massage therapist got to work.


She stretched and compressed all my major muscle groups. I mentioned to her that I was recovering from a cold and suffering from allergies, and she spent a good amount of time working on some pressure points that I later learned were for my lungs. I’m a big fan of the shoulder compression and arm circles (I’m probably explaining this wrong, but that’s the best I can describe it) since I’ve been really achy in my upper body lately.

I had a little internal giggle at one point as she used her feet to “wiggle” my legs back and forth. It reminded me of when I’m trying to get a little bit more sleep on the weekends and allow my kid to lie in bed with us. He always ends up repeatedly pushing us with his feet. Maybe he knows a thing or two about Thai massage?

Since I’m trying to slowly get back into my asana practice, doing “lazy yoga” in the form of a massage was definitely needed. It literally is someone doing yoga FOR you, so heads up that the therapist will use all of their limbs to move all of YOUR limbs.


If you find yourself in southwest Austin, perhaps shopping at Costco or HEB nearby, you should check out Zen Well. I recommend it in a heartbeat. I’m so excited that there’s an affordable Thai massage place near me. Squeeeee!!!

I didn’t get paid to write this glowing review, but I scored my readers this sweet deal:
Zen Well is offering 20% off your first massage if you mention you read about them from Finding Drishti!

3421 W. William Cannon Dr. Suite#139, Austin, TX.
Call (512) 537-3971 or book online at

(Photos by Zen Well owner Bethany)

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