When I shouldn’t is when I want to the most

Being sick for a week and too ill to even eat (best diet ever?), I’ve had to forego everything but rest. And of course when I shouldn’t do asana is exactly when I want to the most.

My friend was subbing for another yoga teacher’s class at a studio very near my home. She’s a new teacher, so I wanted to a) see my friend, b) support her in her new career and c) move my stiff body.

A few hours before the class, I went to return a Redbox movie and realized how empty and sick my stomach felt from not having eaten full meals in a few days. How stupid would I have been to attend her sweaty yoga class when I’ve been feeling so weak? A restorative class, maybe. Sweaty yoga? Yeah, seemed like a potential fainting waiting to happen.

She praised me for practicing the yoga – as in REAL yoga beyond the asanas. In reading her words, I knew in that moment that yoga’s changed both of us since college. The crazy stuff we did back then, staying up late, ignoring what our bodies needed to be healthy. We’ve come a long way. I guess this is what ‘the yoga’ teaches us.

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