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AntiGravity Yoga

Me in “Vampire”. Photo thanks go to Sarah (the instructor) and Kari at theresolutionrevolution.wordpress.com

This year seems to be the year that I’m really stretching the boundaries of my yoga comfort zone, and I’m having a blast in the process. Back in January, Living Social was offering 2 introductory classes for AntiGravity Yoga for $18. And of course, I thought, “Why not?” Basically, you’re doing yoga-like stretches in a fabric hammock suspended from the ceiling.

I booked my classes on back-to-back Mondays. The schedule fills up fast since each class can only handle 6 students (because there are only 6 available hammocks), so I had been anticipating going for a month and a half. I was expecting it to be a little like the yoga wall from a “hanging upside-down” perspective, but the hammocks are definitely less brutal on hip bones than the yoga wall straps. They were so much fun!

It took a little getting used to the hammock, and some of it requires a lot of upper body strength (which reminds me I need to do more vinyasas!). The really fun part comes with the inversions. I loved being upside down and having that release of my spine in the opposite direction. Our teacher did warn us not to spin too fast upside down as we tried unwinding from a twist or we might throw up.

Unlike the yoga wall, doing a handstand in a hammock was the closest thing to doing a real one on your own. There’s nothing to lean on or against. The fabric helps keep the legs upright, but I was definitely doing it all by myself.

The best part was probably at the end when we fully stretched out into “Superman”, having the length of the hammock wrapped around us. I could’ve napped like that for a long time. It was so peaceful to be in that cocoon, supported and snuggled.

Classes are $18 at a walk-up rate.

AntiGravity Yoga, located Inside Five Fitness
2745 Bee Caves Rd, Suite 105
Austin, TX 78746

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  1. Awesome post, Terri! I’m finally getting to read more of your blog and I’m really enjoying it. I’m hoping to *finally* post about our anti-gravity yoga experience and I’ll link your post (as long as that’s okay with you). Looking forward to reading more. 🙂

    • Terri says

      absolutely! link away! glad to hear from you. any new adventures lately?

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