How is it almost Memorial Day weekend?

I thought we had only recently entered the month of May. Suddenly, I look at my calendar, and we’re already facing Memorial Day weekend. Where did the time go??? We’ve had a rough few weeks (months?) between the illness that took out the whole family and molars coming in and SO.MUCH.CRYING by a frustrated toddler who wants to do everything on his own but cannot.

The good news is that his molars are completely through the gums, and I think we’re all getting a bit more sleep and tolerating his tantrums with a little humor and lots of patience.

When the family is healthy and happy, that means I get some me time back. Some people like to use their me time to enjoy a glass of wine in peace and quiet. Others like to pamper themselves with a pedicure. While I probably need both, I’d rather be scouring yoga studio schedules to take advantage of the long weekend.

So here’s where y’all come in. Help me pick a class to attend this weekend!

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