Blogging about the Blog, Local to Austin

I’ll be speaking… to fashion bloggers?


Come August, I’ll be speaking at the Texas Style Council conference here in Austin. What does style have to do with me? Well, not a whole lot to be honest. Not even my yoga wardrobe is all that fashionable. Sadly, when I’m not in my yoga clothes, I’m pretty much wearing jeans and a t-shirt. Sometimes I get “crazy” and throw on a cardigan and fun necklace for work! (I can see my co-workers shaking their heads at my abysmal attempts to look like an adult every day.) I could probably use a lot of fashion lessons by the bloggers and small businesses who will be in attendance.

All self-deprecating comments aside, I do have something valuable to offer at the conference. I’ve been working in advertising (mostly digital and social media) for the last decade, and I know a thing or two about building brands large and small. I’ll be holding a workshop where I will share my years in the ad biz and things bloggers can learn from brands, followed with some Q&A time.

While I’ve had Finding Drishti up for over a year, I’ve been consistently blogging since I was 16. It’s always been fun for me to apply what I do for work with large national and global brands to my personal digital brand. I’m really looking forward to feeling inspired by all these other women who have it together so much better than I do and just meeting new people.

If you’re interested in coming, early bird registration is $125 for the 3-day conference until the end of May. Then, it’s $155 after that. Register here. And make sure to come say Hi!

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