Yoga Practice

I’m re-thinking this hot yoga thing, y’all.

Source: Creative Safety Supply

They could probably use a sign like this in the hot yoga studio.  Source: Creative Safety Supply

Last week, I took advantage of an introductory offer of 10 days of unlimited yoga for $20. This studio has mostly heated yoga classes, including that Bikram class I attended. By the 3rd heated class, I was ready to throw in the towel. I loved the teachers; they were all great. I just don’t think I’m built for hot yoga. While I can tolerate it, I really don’t WANT to.

It wasn’t that my arms were dripping sweat and getting my hands all wet.

It wasn’t that I felt disgusting with hair all matted to my face no matter how many times I tried to keep it slicked back.

It wasn’t that we were all mat-to-mat, and I could feel my neighbor’s steamy skin nearly touching me.

It wasn’t that at the end of class, no matter how much wiping of the floors everyone did, it was still tricky to walk out without nearly busting my ass.

It wasn’t that I nearly dislocated my shoulder and pulled my neck muscle trying to peel my soaked yoga top off my body.

It was all of the above and the fact that I was sweating so much that sweat went into and down my ear. I had swimmer’s ear, y’all, except with sweat. Does that make it hot yoga ear? Whatever you want to call it, it hurt. Then, that ear got all super congested when my allergies kicked in. So I’m going to be a baby about it because I can. *Stamps feet like my toddler*

I’m going to think of my hot yoga experience as just that. An experience. It’s not really for me. I want to enjoy doing my yoga without feeling completely uncomfortable throughout. Maybe I’ll give it another go when I need a serious heat-building practice or if my thyroid decides to operate slow. But um, yeah. I tried it. Gave it 3 tries, actually. I think I’ll stick to doing a warm practice instead of hot. It’s rather a shame because I did like that hot yoga studio’s location, space and the teachers.

Oh well. Better that I tried and found out rather than always wondering.

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  1. Jovanna David says

    The class size makes a huge difference- I was miserable at some of the classes in NYC. And most bikram studios I’ve been to are carpeted so that’s weird. But hey- at least you tried!

    • Terri says

      i have NEVER understood the carpet in a bikram room. it seems so … unsanitary.

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