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I’ve been absent to class lately

findingdrishti-waves-feetIt’s been almost a month since I’ve stepped into a regular yoga class. And while I’ve unrolled my mat at home a few times and dangled in antigravity yoga hammocks, I count those more as “yoga snacks” than a proper practice. Why the absence?

First, the husband went out of town for work. Then, we went out of town to attend a wedding (at least I got to play around on the beach!). The following week, I had my nose in my Kindle reading the 2nd Hunger Games book, Catching Fire. And then, So You Think You Can Dance started on TV, so of course I have to watch it live or be forced to wait 30 days to see on Hulu.

I know. I’m full of excuses. To be frank, my pass ran out, and I hadn’t gotten around to dragging my butt to the studio to buy a new class pass. I’m lazy, okay?

But I find that I need these little breaks from the class scene – pass or not – a few times throughout the year. It gives me a chance to fill my heart and my mind with other activities I enjoy. My life is usually so scheduled, which is how I like it 90% of the time. Having my day compartmentalized into chunks gives me a sense of order and control (come on, I’m an ashtangi; it’s part of my DNA).

In these yoga breaks though, I try to go with the flow. Throw the ball repeatedly down the driveway with the kid before bath time. Let laundry pile up so I could get through another few chapters of my book (I cannot wait to get my hands on the last Hunger Games book!). Playing around with pincha mayurasana again and again and again. Dude, I am SO CLOSE to holding the balance on my own!


But free play is over. I am craving the class setting again. I’m craving some structure and discipline and something to work my schedule around. Time to get serious about working on my chaturanga, which has very sadly fallen into disarray and left me with weak arms, core and back. At least I had fun in the mean time! Looking forward to seeing my fellow yogis again.

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  1. Heidi says

    Yesterday I bought a 20-class pack for the summer, and I am pysched! I wanted to get an unlimited auto-debit just for June and July, but they require a three month commitment, and once August rolls around I am back into school with the Milton daycare/home schedule, which keeps me preoccupied! I need to gain focus and get in better shape for sure.

    • Terri says

      summers are definitely when i envy teachers!

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