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Woosa: Finding zen with a toddler


If you don’t know what “Woosa” is, it’s a phrase Martin Lawrence’s character in Bad Boys said whenever things got stressful and he needed to find a moment of zen. He’d pull on his ears, close his eyes and say, “Woosa” over and over until his blood pressure came back to normal. That’s pretty much how I felt for much of our weekend trip to South Padre Island with toddler in tow.

First of all, it’s a 6-7 hour drive each way from Austin, which isn’t fun for anyone – adult or child. And then, there were different sleeping arrangements that he didn’t like and made sure we knew about from 3 to 6 am each morning. He had a blast on the beach itself, but he threw an epic tantrum when we told him it was time to go. And the purpose of the trip was to attend a wedding, and there was more tantrum-ing (between moments of cuteness on the dance floor and his saying, “Cheeee!” while holding up the camera).

We’ve been back for a few days now. The laundry is washed, folded and put away. Most of the sand has been vacuumed out of my car, although I keep stepping in little grains of sand throughout the house. I think my blood pressure is close to being normal again. Nothing tests a mother’s (or father’s) love for a toddler like a super long road trip.

The kid isn’t even 2 yet, but it definitely feels like we are deep in the terrible two’s. Here was our attempt at taking pics in bluebonnets this year:


But at least this little booger will do cute stuff like this on the beach with me:


In these tough parenting moments, I really REALLY try to tap into my yoga toolkit. Take a cleansing inhale and exhale. Find a little meditative moment, if you will. Find some humor in the situation. Remind myself that this unpleasantness will pass. Woosa, y’all. Woosa.

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  1. Jenny says

    Brodie is so good at his downward dog! I see a disciplined yoga boy in the future.

    • Terri says

      he loves it. i have some more pics of him doing handstand (with a lot of help), and he’s having a blast. i’ll share those later.

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