Allergies strike again

Mold has been super high in Austin this past week, and I’ve had some horrible pressure headaches, especially right behind my brows. (See Frontal Sinus)


Photo from WebMD

At work, I just sit with my thumb pressing into that spot all day. It’s the only way to keep it from throbbing. People must think I’m very deep in thought.

But I found a better way to find relief! While in child’s pose, massage the third eye into the mat. It must be the added weight of my head that adds much better counter pressure than using my thumb, but when I’m down on my mat like that, my headache goes away. It feels amazing especially after a long day and neither the antihistamines nor neti-potting has helped with that one spot.


Child’s pose feels like such a treat! You can find me third eye down until the molds ease up… which could take all summer. Oy. I really hate mold.

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  1. Lindsay says

    Stick a block under there, foam to start…then go for cork! See what happens!

    Also, if you can stand it… Shoulder stand, camel pose, lots of cobra, and any basic heart opener should serve you well.

    Watch out for inversions though…gravity really works.

    • Terri says

      thanks, lindsay! and yeah, i’ve learned to skip big inversions when i’m congested. the pressure in my head is immense.

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