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How to get back into a forgotten yoga practice

I Google Calendar my entire life. I really do. If it’s not on my Google Calendar, then I probably don’t have time for it or it’ll get easily forgotten. And that’s why I have to schedule yoga into my life. There’s no other way that the time is made, especially when juggling a full time job out of the home and being a parent.

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This also means that I need to coordinate with my husband for daycare pick-up. My yoga practice isn’t dependent on me alone like it used to be. A couple years ago, I only had to give the husband a heads up with what time I’m planning to go to class and whether I’d be home for dinner.

I always know exactly how long it’s been since I’ve been to the studio (or on my mat since my home practice is non-existent right now). My calendar reminds me when and for how long I’ve forgotten about my yoga practice. But it’s also a motivating factor for me to schedule it back in.

I start looking at studio schedules in advance and “penciling” in classes I think I can make. Since I refer to my calendar regularly throughout the day, I can quickly glance at how my week is shaping up and whether the Thursday class or the Saturday class will work. I can also set reminders on my husband’s Google Calendar (we share our calendars) for when he needs to go do daycare pick-up.

Short of creating a little ripple in time that doesn’t let me lose out on doing everything else I want to, this simple task of scheduling yoga into my week seems to be working.

How do you get back into a forgotten yoga practice?

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  1. Heidi says


    Just curious — how many days do you aim to practice during a week? I used to do three, but now I am aiming for two during the school year and never on the weekend. That is my “unscheduled” time…!

    • Terri says

      i’m lucky if i can practice just ONCE a week. kid’s stuff takes up space in the living room where i used to have my home practice, and there isn’t time the rest of the week to make it out to the studio.

      ideally, i’d love to be able to practice 3-4 times a week. this is the sacrifice i make until my child is more self sufficient.

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