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I should probably make some business cards

In a little more than a month, I’ll be speaking at the Texas Style Council conference about social media. It’s what I do for work and what I focused my masters thesis on and what I use daily to update the public about the junk food I eat. HOWEVER, I am really shy and terrible about talking to people about my own blog unless the topic happens to come up. (My husband is VERY good about talking me up to perfect strangers.) I guess I’ve always been more comfortable in small groups with a buffer person to get the ball rolling.

Well, that’s not really going to work at a conference where I’ll have the opportunity to network with bloggers, brands and brilliant minds. There’s no room to be shy! (You think I can just @ tweet people from across the room? That’s being “social”, right?) In this digital world, something tangible goes a long way. This is where a good business card comes in. I was looking for some ideas and ran across this in a Google search:

Original source unknown, unfortunately

Original source unknown, unfortunately

Pretty clever, huh? I don’t know if I’ll be making a finger puppet out of myself, but something fun along those lines could work.

The session I’ll be leading is a beginner’s course about social media. The spin I’m putting on it will be using lessons from major brands for a smart, strategic approach. And really, once the ground work is laid, many bloggers use social media in a much more engaging and personal way than large brands ever have or could!

Of course, I’m excited to see what the rest of the programming will look like. I’ve been following some of the other speakers’ blogs, and everyone has it SO together. I think there will be a lot of new tricks and tips and insights to learn and take back to my day job. AND, I always feel mentally refreshed and re-charged after a conference.

While I’m coming up with some business card ideas, y’all should register for TxSC ’13 and come be part of my session! There are still some tickets available at


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