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What’s kept me from my asana practice

I’ve been known to take some time off from ‘the yoga’ every now and then to let life get in the way. I’m finally catching up a bit on life in the form of all the pictures that were on the camera, so I thought I’d give y’all a peek at what had been pulling me away from my asana practice.

First, there was the trip down to South Padre to dig our toes in the sand and see some good friends get married. findingdrishti-kid-husband-beach

And there was some train-spotting on Mother’s Day, where we attempted to teach our kid to count the number of cars.


We played with rocks. And stared at weeds.


The splash pads are starting to get turned on around town to keep us cool this summer.


Finally, I had a lot of giggles watching the kid pick up my phone and stuff my earbuds in while watching a video of blogger Oh Joy‘s daughter. I never use these at home with him, so I’m not sure where he learned it from. Kids these days and technology!!!


I don’t mind the distractions from getting on my mat. The kid is a pretty darn good distraction.

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  1. Tammy Bieri says

    It looks like you ARE practicing the yoga every single day. It’s just not so much asana!

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