Yoga Practice

Yoga ___. What do you call it?


Anyone who is in a fairly serious relationship with a physical activity, be it yoga or running or spinning, talks about the “high” they feel afterward. I’ve never been high on anything except sugar (I know; I’m a total square), and I try to imagine what the euphoric feeling is that people talk about.

Is it energizing? Relaxing? An out of body experience? Fully connected to your inner workings?

To me, savasana is pretty amazing after a hard 90-minute practice. I feel like I’m melting into my mat. Is that considered a high?

More recently, I heard someone use the phrase “yoga buzz” to describe ashtanga. I can get on board with that. It’s a little zen. And sometimes a very physical buzzing sensation happens from the fingertips to the toes as blood is pumped throughout my body.

What do you call it? And what does it feel like for you?

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Some poll results: Yoga glow and yoga bliss. I can get on board with those!

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