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Austin Kula Yoga: Family Yoga time


Over the weekend, I brought the husband and kid out for a family yoga class being offered at Kula Yoga. The whole family for the price of $20! While my almost-2-year-old was probably the youngest one in the room, he did fairly well for an hour long class.

As with the last kids yoga class I went to, the teacher Meredith told a story to bring the kids through the postures. The poses all have fun names like spider, turtle, elephant and ostrich as the story played out.

My kid mostly used my husband and me as jungle gyms, and then he claimed he needed to go “pee pee.” While he was out in the hall, he got distracted by the water fountains and kept yelling for more water. BUT, Meredith assured us that even if he isn’t following along and doing the poses, he’s still picking up on them and may even practice them at home. We’ve definitely seen him practice downward dog randomly ever since his first toddler class.

What I was most surprised and delighted about this class was that these weren’t the standard poses you’d find in a beginner level class. There were some arm balances and inversions thrown in! “Spider pose” starts out seated, knees bent and up, and arms tucked under the knees with palms down. Then, they practiced lifting a foot up at a time. This is the start of budjapidasana and/or titibasana! They also did some donkey kicks with palms down – getting ready for handstands!

These are postures most grown-up yogis have a fear of or feel intimidated by, but it makes sense that kids have no fear of being upside down or balancing on their arms. It was really refreshing to see them just play and have fun and do the poses. No pressure. No judgment. We could all take some notes.

Toward the end of class, each child held a balloon (to mimic the watermelon in the story), and Meredith said for the littler ones, having a ball or something to hold keeps them focused to do certain poses. Sure enough, as soon as my kiddo got that balloon in his hand, he was giving the poses a go.

We had a great time, and we’re looking forward to more family yoga classes in the near future. (Hopefully more on the weekends when we can actually attend!)

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