Review: King Spa & Sauna, Dallas


I’d heard about King Spa (and local rival Spa Castle) in Dallas from my best friend, who had visited both with her mom on a few occasions. It’s a Korean style spa and nothing like any other spa I’ve been to.

The set-up of the spa is that you are issued a wrist band with a key at check-in. The wrist band serves as your form of payment for any extra services or items during your stay. You settle your bill at the end. Women are issued their “uniform” of t-shirt and elastic-waisted shorts at the front desk while men get theirs once they are in the locker room.

In each locker room, you get completely undressed and go into the shower area. (* Yes, completely nude. You need to get over your American fear of being seen nude by others because everyone is naked.) There are rows of open showers, which is your first step before you can use any of the heated pools. The pools are of varying temperatures but all pretty toasty. There’s also a steam room, a pool with jets and a chilly 65 degree pool. I’m not usually a fan of cold water, but it felt refreshing and tingly to take a very quick dip after soaking in extra hot water.

Body scrubs are an extra service you can have done while in the shower/hot pool area. They also offer more traditional massages and body treatments.

Once you’re dressed in your uniform, which for women looks more like a prisoner outfit in a very unflattering shade of yellow-ish orange, you are free to enjoy the rest of the facilities. No shoes are allowed throughout the building, so keep them in your locker. Don’t worry, the floors are kept extremely clean – no smell of feet!

There are different rooms for you to relax in. Some are cool or room temperature with aromatherapeutic scents built into them. Many are heated at different levels, also with scents built in. When I say scents, these aren’t perfumed or filled with herbal infused oils. One room had charcoal built into the walls and is meant to absorb toxins. The Pine Salt room smelled of … you guessed it… pine and salt, also meant to absorb toxins.

I don’t pretend to know the benefits of each room or whether they truly work, but when you find a suitable room, it’s amazingly relaxing to lie in savasana and absorb the atmosphere. The cooler rooms have mats and little squishy foam pillows, while the warmer rooms you’ll want to take the towel issued to you and lay it on the ground as a mat. Outside of each room are description signs.

Families come to the spa and hang out ALL DAY. The price of admission gives you 24 hours to enjoy the facilities. People come late at night and stay through the morning! There’s a cafe with Korean and Japanese-inspired meals, blended juice drinks, ice cream and even pizza to satisfy your hunger throughout your stay. The price is a little hefty (iced cafe latte was $5.99), but when you’re trapped and can’t bring in outside food or drinks, you don’t have any other option.

People also bring laptops, iPads, DVD players – whatever to entertain themselves. There’s free WiFi, a movie theater room and a children’s play room. Want an acupressure foot massage? That’s an extra charge.

Plenty of seating and lounging areas are throughout the building. And you’d better believe that people are not shy about sleeping and snoring on recliners out in the open!

Overall, it was pretty relaxing. I did take a short snooze in the infrared room before it got overcrowded. I highly recommend going earlier in the day. The place got packed after lunch, and not everyone respects the “Be Quiet” signs placed in each room. I think next time, we’ll try Spa Castle as I’ve heard it’s newer and has a pool with swim-up bar to give it more of a resort feel.

King Spa & Sauna
2154 Royal Ln.
Dallas, TX 75229

Admission $30

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