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Ricky Williams taught yoga at DKR

I must have had my head in the ground lately because I didn’t hear about a contest run by the Longhorn Network to attend a yoga class taught by former University of Texas running back Ricky Williams. Double bonus: The class was at Darryl K. Royal Memorial Stadium (DKR). This brings together two things I’m very passionate about – yoga (duh) and my alma mater UT (Hook ’em!).

I would’ve been all over that! This is my punishment for not having cable TV, huh? Oh well. Sounds like it was a pretty cool experience, especially for the hardcore UT football fans.

“I think the greatest thing about yoga is really whatever you’re looking for, it has something to offer you. The main thing is it seems people create a separation between their life and their body, and so when you do yoga it shows you how to integrate the two… It forces you to be present and to be aware.” – Ricky Williams



Read more about the photo contest and class.

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