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See-through yoga pants: Say something or not?

The see-through yoga pant problem is still prevalent even though Lululemon removed a whole bunch of them off the shelves. They aren’t the only offenders though. Many women have bought see-through pants of various brands, and I don’t know if they realize it!

In the past few weeks, I’ve seen striped undies, solid black undies, bright neon undies and a number of other patterns and colors through supposedly solid pants. AT LEAST THERE WERE UNDIES ON, RIGHT??? I feel bad for these ladies. Surely, this wasn’t intentional.

But it begs the question, do I say something to these women or not? I don’t want to embarrass them further by pointing it out. And really, they only become visible when they’re in certain postures (happy baby, downward dog, anything with butt in air).

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  1. Keyaira says

    I am actually trying to find a store that sell see threw leggings or pants. I love to show off my body and love it when other woman do it as well. I think its a crime when women get so up tight about self expression. Go ahead ladies, show off what God gave ya ;0)

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