What to Wear

The Yoga Tan

Usually by this time in the summer, I am rocking a pretty sweet sunglasses and flip flops tan.  Not by choice. I just tan really easily even from a few minutes here and there, running between a destination and my car. Also by this time in the summer, I usually have very clear tan lines from my bathing suit. We haven’t been swimming as much as I’d like.


However, over the long holiday (Happy birthday, America!), I went back out to Klyde Warren Park while visiting family in Dallas to make it to the adult yoga class. We played with pincha and some arm balances. It was a pretty fun class and burned some major calories, which I appreciated after gorging myself of delicious foods.

Afterward, I played in the kid’s splash pad area with my family and ended up walking away with a yoga tan. It looks just like my racerback. You can see a little bit of sun on my shoulder blades, and then I have this nice pale strip down the middle of my back. It looks awesome. I promise!


Thankfully, my legs didn’t get as much sun, or it would appear that I had dark socks on where my capri length yoga pants end! I’ve been trying to stay out of the sun to avoid wrinkles and cancer now that I’m older and wiser, but I still have a giggle when I see my ridiculous tan lines in the summer. I’ll wear my yoga tan loud and proud though!

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