Yoga Practice

What do you do when people ask you to show them some yoga?


I can only think of 3 situations where performing yoga are appropriate:

1) Someone is participating in a yoga competition (I have my own thoughts about that, which I’ll keep to myself for now)

2) Someone is a teacher and demonstrating for the purposes of learning

3) Someone is drunk and pulling out fun party tricks

I’ve only experienced #3 in my child-free days, and there were probably 2 bottles of wine shared among 2 lightweight yogi gals. So I’m always caught off guard when someone first learns that I write a blog about yoga and asks that I show them some yoga. I freeze up. Yoga, to me, isn’t something I show. It’s something I do. For me. For my health. For sanity.

I guess I would equate this to when someone learns I can speak Chinese and asks me to say something. I should also add that if I respond with “ni hao”, they then ask me to say something else because “hello” isn’t cool enough.

What am I supposed to do in these situations? I’m not a yoga performer. I wouldn’t ask a runner to show me some running (would I?). I realize that they ask because they’re curious or they’re fascinated. Yoga is still very foreign to a lot of people.

I’m also hesitant because I don’t want to show them bad form. Even though I’m not supposed to, I judge my own yoga a lot. Am I bending deep enough in my knee? Are my hips aligned correctly? Do I want them to see a “failed” pose-in-progress? What about this version of headstand that needs to go a few more inches before I’m actually perpendicular?


So… ya know… there y’all go. This totally counts as showing the yoga, right? I think that means I’m off the hook the next time a request pops up. 🙂

Yogis, how do you respond when curious minds want to see some yoga?

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