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Another failed xx-day challenge

Back at the end of 2010, I challenged myself to doing 90 days of yoga. There were roughly 90 days until my 30th birthday, so I had a big push of motivation to leave my 20s in the best shape of my life. I’d say I did moderately well by quantifying my effort, and I was rockin’ a strong wheel, feeling super limber in my spine. Then, I got pregnant about 30 days in and that about ruined my forward progress in my asana practice for the next year or so.

Since then, it’s been really hard getting back on any kind of exercise wagon. The kid is so demanding! He expects food! And for me to pay attention to him instead of my computer! And when he says he needs to go pee, he either means right NOW or “Just kidding!”

A bunch of my Internet lady friends (I really need a better name for this group) were starting the Jillian Michaels’s 30 day shred together for the month of August. I’m not a fan of Jillian Michaels’s – a little too rah-rah for me. So I thought I could commit to the 30 days by doing my own thing, whether it’s yoga or running or something else.

We’re half way through August, and I got severely derailed from my plans since the 2nd. First, there was Texas Style Council weekend, where I woke up early and went to bed late, not being home during normal waking hours. Then, a lot of evening activities required my attention like watching So You Think You Can Dance and a neighborhood Battleground Texas meeting. And there’s no way I can wake up early enough to work out in the morning since the kid also insists on screaming at 5:30 every morning.


So I think need to find a way to adjust my schedule to make room for taking care of ME. I’ve been going to the Thursday night ashtanga class each week as it’s the most convenient for my schedule, so maybe there’s another class I can squeeze in somewhere since it’s clearly not happening at home.

I need some ideas! Working mamas and other super crazy busy people: How do you find the time? How do you stay motivated and consistent?

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  1. No advice–I have been having the same issues. What has been working (a little bit) for me is to go during the day, and then catching up on work after my little guy goes to bed. I wish I were the “jump out of bed and work out” type–but I’m not, and I never will be. I am, however, the “wake up slowly, have some coffee, do some work, and try to make the 1030 class” type. I know this won’t work for everyone though…. and since I’m not in an office it matters less if I get sweaty during class.

    Oh and I have no clue for travel days. I swear someday I’ll figure that back out!

    I thought about trying to do a 30 day yoga challenge, but knew realistically that I’m not there yet.

    • Terri says

      it’s funny cuz on days that i travel for work, i can totally get up early and do a quick 30 minutes because there’s only me to get ready for the day and no lunches to pack, etc. but when i’m home, my life responsibilities eat up my day.

      • I think my problem with travel days is that I’m packing so much more in now than I was before I had a baby. Longer travel days, plus blog posts and oh yeah actual work seem to be eating up way more time during travel than they did before. Of course my workload has gotten heavier so I’m sure that has something to do with it….

  2. Paula says

    While I don’t have one of those kid things that screams at me I did buy a fit bit. And after a month of it reminding me that I am a sloth I got mad at it and decided to book time on my calendar for fitness. In addition I have reached out to a coworker to whom I am accountable for reporting to weekly via a standing Wednesday appointment where I report out on my fitness and weightloss progress. There is nothing worse than looking a coworker dead in the eyes and saying I did nothing and gained weight, so thanks for allowing me to waste your time with this meeting.

    • Terri says

      i’ve never thought to have a set meeting with a co-worker to keep me accountable! that’s kind of genius!

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