What to Wear

Could yoga earrings be the next big trend?

I had a fun chat with some of my fellow ashtangis at a very rare after-yoga social event where the topic of functional yoga wear came up.

I remembered Kino MacGregor’s article explaining why she wore shorts when she practiced. It wasn’t to show off her legs or her body (although, her body is sick and pure muscle, so why wouldn’t she show it off?), but the shorts kept her honest in arm balances. Instead of cheating by using yoga pants to absorb sweat and add friction, she wore shorts to force herself to use muscle and the bandhas to find lift and stay in the balance.

One gal in class always practiced in just a sports bra. Her abs are crazy tight, and she’s in amazing shape. Her reason? It’s a visual reminder for her throughout the practice to engage in mula bandha and uddiyana bandha. Instead of letting her belly pooch out throughout her practice, SEEING her gut forces her to suck it all in. (Seeing my post-baby body makes me want to hide even more, so I don’t know if her method would work for me.)

Other ladies wear dangly earrings to practice just for fun. I lost a cute dangly earring* from Ruche while at the Texas Style Council Prom Party (too much dancing!), so I’m not really one to don jewelry in yoga for fear of damage, loss or distraction. However, there was a story of one woman who liked to wear super long earrings during ashtanga as a reminder to keep her shoulders down. Functional AND fashionable.

I’ve never thought about what I wore to yoga as anything more than keeping all my parts in place and wicking away all my sweat, but maybe all these ladies are on to something. And maybe this is a fantastic entrepreneurial opportunity just waiting to happen! WAY more exciting and practical than yoga socks or yoga shoes.

* By the way, major shout-out to Ruche for sending me a replacement pair free of charge! I  was so sad that night because I had gotten them that morning and only got to wear them once. Now I have a complete pair for many future wearings. 

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