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I’ve got pretty new business cards


I was super excited to get a package full of my pretty new business cards last night right in time for this weekend’s TXSC activities. Many thanks go to the mega-talented Kevin Munoz for coming up with the design. (The color is a bit more orange than red, but I’m too busy to color correct today!) Y’all, if this was left to my own devices, there would be a picture of a magnifying glass for “finding” and an eye for “drishti”. This is why I’m no art director and definitely not a designer.

So I have my swap items ready to take down to 2nd Street, and I’ve already made arrangements with the husband for him to spend an evening alone with the kid. Let’s do this! Looking forward to swapping cards, swapping clothes, swapping books and meeting some very fashionable ladies who can dress me better than I can.

All I have to figure out now is when I can squeeze in a mini yoga session. Between the spin class and running and ashtanga, my body is sore and could use a good stretch.

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    • Terri says

      thanks, i agree! kevin said he got carried away and already started thinking about redesigning my site when he was working on my cards. that’ll be my next step once i get a breather and can sit down with him.

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