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Review: Macy’s Ideology

Full disclosure: Macy’s provided me with a gift card – without any obligations – because I was a speaker at TxSC ’13 this year. All opinions are my own.


When I received the Macy’s gift card and little note in the mail, my first thought was how much I really dislike shopping for clothes. I have both T & A, which makes it extremely difficult to find things that fit top or bottom. I thought about spending it on clothes for the kid or on shoes – anything but women’s clothing. But then I thought, “I don’t have to go to Macy’s and buy regular clothes. I can shop for workout gear!” That is one type of shopping I do enjoy because I have a much higher success rate. And you can’t really have too many workout pieces, right?

Trying to spend as little of my own money as possible, I headed straight for Macy’s private brand line, Ideology. The everyday price on their standard yoga tights was $27.98. I tried a pair of those on, but I wasn’t impressed with the material. It had no wicking properties to it, and I need something to wick away sweat! Those are probably better for lounging or running errands.

Now, the higher performance pants usually run $46, but they had some for 40% off. If you do the math, that pretty much brought them down to the “standard” pant price of $28 but with the added benefit of sweat wicking.


I probably need more tanks in my wardrobe than anything else, and while I perused the selection, I just wasn’t that impressed. The fit was either too loose for yoga (I’m thinking of inversions and my shirt flipping over to show everyone my goods), or the ones with built-in support couldn’t possibly give me enough actual support.

So instead, I picked up a loose after-workout shirt with a fun cutout in the back. On sale for $16 (normally $28)! I needed a short sleeve one to wear if I’m going somewhere or doing something after class in warm weather and don’t want to feel self-conscious in a yoga tank.


I put the pants to the test by going for a run the other night and doing some gentle yoga stretches afterward, which I desperately needed because I haven’t gone running in ages. The waistband wasn’t as flattering as my higher end yoga pants, but they kept my legs cool despite all my sweat. They have decent stretch, aren’t see through and NO PANTY LINES! Maybe because I bought the space-dye pattern, but these pants hid my undies pretty nicely.

Overall, not bad for the price. I’ll have to really put them to the test in an all-out yoga class, but I have a feeling they’ll do just fine. Thanks, Macy’s!

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