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TXSC13: A yogi goes to a style conference

Seeing all the other overachiever bloggers get their recaps up of TXSC was the kick in the butt I needed to process my thoughts from this past weekend.


Let me begin by saying I really wasn’t sure what to expect as I’m clearly not a fashion or style blogger… unless you count wearing the same yoga clothes to sweat in as being stylish. But I was really excited for the opportunity to teach about social media. I “met” founder Indiana of Adored Austin through a local mom message board, and that’s how I ended up at a style conference! She’s way taller and more bubbly in real life than I expected. 🙂


Leading up to the clothing swap Friday evening, my co-worker Lacie and I were scratching our heads at what to bring. So we made a trip to Forever 21 and pretended we were fashion bloggers and picked out items that we thought people who were more stylish than us would wear. (I did end up keeping a dress a bought for $12 and bringing an Anthropologie shirt that no longer fit.)

I picked up the kid after work and did a quick dinner with the husband before racing to the swap. I still had jeans on since our office is always freezing, and that was about the worst idea ever. I was sweating up a storm, had NO makeup on… Oh, and I really hate shopping. But I’m all for new experiences and came home with a cute button-up shirt with this pattern from Alisha of Alisha & Brandon:


I also picked up The Zombie Survival Guide brought by Frugal Fatshionista and this necklace from Lulu*s that I ended up wearing to the Prom:


So yeah. Cute stuff Friday night. Felt a lot more girly than I normally am. Met some really nice gals Landen of The Cloakroom at Victoria Station and Creshawna of while standing in the long (hot, sweaty) line for the dressing room. As I escaped back into the oppressive summer heat of the outdoors, I made sure to pimp out my card to the ladies hanging out on 2nd street, practically begging them to please show up at 9 am Saturday for my class!

SATURDAY 8.3 Sessions


I was up a little late Friday night, putting final touches on my presentation, and then up at 6:45 Saturday morning to get dressed, pack up and head to the Hyatt in time for the speaker breakfast. I was running on adrenaline at that point and was FLOORED by the turnout for my class. I would guess there were maybe 100 or so people in the room? There were so many great questions at the end too and more new friends lined up to chat with me afterward and swap cards. Polishing up on those presentation skills!

After a morning of classes, I made friends in the elevator and invited myself to have lunch with Becky of The Pink Samurai. Then, I invited more girls to join us at a bigger table at Threadgill’s. I can sometimes be pushy like that. Haha.

By the afternoon, my energy was starting to tank. But I walked away with good nuggets of info about monetizing my blog, self photography (which is much harder with yoga poses than outfit poses, I imagine), PR, legal stuff and creating a media kit. I went home and took a disco nap.

Oh, and this is my friend Lisa, who kindly educated us on the difference between liability (which as a lawyer, she knows lots about) and impact on taxes (which as a lawyer, she reminded us she’s not an accountant). I like to think this is her “don’t mess with me because I’m a badass” look.



The husband and I haven’t had a date night in, oh, forever. So we were pretty excited to be out of the house after 7 pm.


Between the giant helium balloons, the adorable jewelry from Ruche, the teeth whitening, temporary tattoos that last forever, photo booths and more photo booths, a dude drawing photos in a photo booth, silly dancing and announcing the prom queen, this was about a million times more fun than my senior prom.

There was also attempts at this:


SUNDAY 8.4 Final day of classes

The keynote presentation by Elsie + Emma of A Beautiful Mess was fantastic. They were very well spoken and gave us lots of inspiring tips for keepin’ on with our blogs. I was especially excited to hear that Elsie made such good friends through her blog that she invited some of them as her bridesmaids. This is right up the alley of my masters thesis work about Internet friendships and the subject of the panel that I’ve submitted to SXSWi. (Forewarning: I’ll be begging for votes when the Panelpicker is finally up.)

I learned more good stuff about pitching and working with bloggers (good for my day job), creative collaborations (good for my blog job), balancing work + life + blog (good for day job, blog job and parenting/wife job) and embracing our differences as an advantage in blogging.

Whew. And that’s my story as a yogi going to a style conference.

I leave you with a ton of photos from the fun that was had. Next spring will be the last TXSC conference, and it’ll be during SXSW. So, if I can get the stars aligned by March, I’ll be able to go to both!!

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    • Terri says

      you have your last chance to go in march during sxsw! 🙂 what’s haven conference?

  1. Such a great recap! I missed your presentation, but will check it out soon. And when I grabbed your donated shirt Friday night, everyone told me they knew who it belonged to, so I had to introduce myself. Who knew we had so much in common?! It was great meeting you and chatting with you via email this week, too. 🙂

    • Terri says

      YES! my method worked to build excitement for that shirt! i was really worried my sad clothes would be the last ones on the rack. so i tried to build some interest up around my swap items on instagram and twitter. you were meant to find it. 🙂 i’m convinced of that. thanks again for finding me in the crowd to let me know and swap cards!

  2. That looks so awesome!! I wish I had been able to make it work to go. I definitely want to go next time. Yay blogger conferences!!!!!

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