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TXSC13: Social Media 101


Click above for the full-size image of my 8 Tips for Managing Social Media Like a Boss.

I was planning to do my big recap post, but the kid has been screaming from teething pains every night. I guess I’ll try again tomorrow evening!

I’ve sent out my presentation with all my notes to those of you who have sent me your email address or swapped cards with me. If anyone else wants a copy, just let me know where to send it! More to come if I can get a break on the home front.

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    • Terri says

      I’ll send it out tonight. Thanks for coming to my session! And by the way, I was doing the 360 tour of Posh Coworking online – what a beautiful space! Makes my beige cube seem super drab. 😛

  1. I’d love to also get a copy of your session presentation. Sorry we didn’t get to meet at the conference. Thanks!

    denise.oviedo1 (at) gmail (dot) com

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