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Finding Drishti all over the web

Do you ever Google yourself to see what pops up? Make sure no one is pretending to be you or curious what kind of people share your name? Well, I did the same with my blog, and these were some of the more interesting results. Everyone has a slightly different but enlightening take on what “drishti” is and what it means to them.


The Yoga Shift 

“Finding your drishti is more about choosing the quality of your internal focus, perception or experience than finding any external point.”


Find Your Drishti

 “Drishti is the insight to take in the full picture of something as it really is without obstructions.”


Airlie Ellsworth

“In life, like on the mat, a drishti helps focus and calm the mind, encourages a soft stability, and builds confidence. Sure, sometimes we lose sight only to find ourselves wandering aimlessly, but a few deep breaths and a good look around our internal landscape can go a long way in guiding us back to our path.”


the zen of slow cooking

“Over time I could see that searching for something outside of myself wasn’t the meaning of finding your drishti – it was the intentional gaze that made the difference in your pose.”


Intent Blog

“… And like all aspects of yoga, the drishti works wonders off the mat just as well as on…

Your inspiration, commitment and time can come and go but your drishti will be there whenever you’re ready to hone your focus and attention.”

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