Blogging about the Blog

Gone fishing.


I won this book of fortunes last year, and I love looking at the random sayings when I start to need something loftier than my day-to-day to focus on. And by day-to-day, I mean my calendar that tells me what is happening today, tomorrow, next weekend, next week, next month and so on since I plan my life almost too much.

Well, looking at my calendar, I have a lot of travel ahead of me for work and for family events. It’s also my little boy’s 2nd birthday this week!!! How did 2 years fly by like this? While this doesn’t leave me much time to write, it does almost DEMAND that I get some asanas going on my mat – ya know, to maintain some sanity.

I’ll be back in a few weeks with more yoga talk. I’m excited for the Wanderlust Festival in Austin and other happenings that are blog-worthy this fall. Stay tuned!

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