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The real life yoga

Variations on savasana and partner yoga? Source:

Variations on savasana and partner yoga? Source:

If ever I needed elements of yoga (outside of asanas) to be in my life, this is it. Right now. Parenting a toddler is kicking my ass. Parenting a toddler who has more teeth to grow and doesn’t sleep past 5 am while I still have to be awake for a day job is COMPLETELY kicking my ass. I thought infant days were hard. No way. That was a walk in the park compared to toddlerhood.

We’ve had a rough couple months around here. The fog is starting to lift on the sleep front and there are a few days when there’s more laughter than tears, but oh boy. My cortisone levels have been sky high for weeks, and I’ve thought many times, “I don’t know if I can do it anymore!!!” I don’t know if it is parenting, working or just being awake. Of course, I don’t really have a choice in the matter on all three of those fronts, so I power forward as best I can. Surviving on crumbs and fumes.

If I’ve learned anything from practicing yoga, it’s that every day I will face some kind of challenge that can either “destroy” me or make me stronger, just as I do on the mat. We all have those nemesis poses that conjure up many foul negative emotions, and we’re forced to deal with them. Sometimes, they get the best of you, and taking a child’s pose break is what’s needed. Other times, they are opportunities to try and fail and learn.

I’ve been trying and failing and learning a lot lately. (And practicing a LOT of yin yoga and savasana in the mean time – it counts on the couch!)

I’m also learning to take these challenges in stride, day by day and one step at a time. That’s the part of yoga that happens off the mat. That’s the real life yoga.

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