Yoga Practice

Coming back to the mat

Hello, old friend.

Hello, old friend. I haven’t seen you in a while.

My six week hiatus from practicing on my mat due to nausea had me really worried about my first class back. I had taken “breaks” from yoga in the past, usually because of a crazy work travel schedule that lasted upwards of 4-5 weeks. However, those breaks were full of motion – running through airports, going to meetings, always on the move.

In the case of my first trimester break, I was in the fetal position for much of that time. As soon as I could pass the toddler over to my husband after work, I would lie down for a couple hours and try to sleep off the unpleasantness. There’s also the fatigue of growing another human being that hit around 9-11 weeks, and I really could not find energy to get up even if I wanted to.

So my body grew cranky and old and sore.

As soon as the fog lifted on the nausea, I went back for my first ashtanga class. I knew I was going to be muscle sore the next day anyway, so I really just wanted to see how my body felt to be moving again. The first few sun salutations were rough. I felt stiff and rusty like the tin man. I wish someone had oiled up the backs of my knees and my hips.

To my surprise though, by sun salutation B, I was feeling a bit like my previous self. I couldn’t fully straighten my legs in a forward fold, but I was close. Maybe it’s muscle memory or the warm room or just doing something besides trying to find a comfortable position on the couch, but I didn’t expect to get some of my mojo back so quickly.

Of course, I woke up the next morning like I had done a round of Insanity or some other crazy workout. It was a little hard to get out of bed. I even stuck some Salonpas patches on my shoulders for good measure. It was a GOOD kind of sore though. The kind that tells you that you’re alive and that your body is still functioning! At least I didn’t overdo my first class back to the point of needing to rest for a week. I met up with my friend Monica for prenatal yoga a couple days later, which was the perfect yin to ashtanga’s yang.

It’s good to be back on my mat.

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