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I’m still here!

I took some much needed time away from blogging to find some calm in my personal life. I’ve mentioned our months of sleep deprivation due to teething and/or illness and general toddler mayhem. What I was also dealing with in that time was a tiny monster sucking away all of my energy and leaving me nauseous and feeling disgusting. Yes, folks. I’m pregnant again.


They weren’t kidding about showing earlier with a 2nd pregnancy. This was at 12 weeks.

It should be a walk in the park because been there, done that, right? No. I think my body was saying, “Oh, man. You just found mula bandha recently! And started playing with 2nd series.” And then I told my body, “Shut it. This isn’t our first time at the rodeo. Get it together. Let’s do some ashtanga.”

That little internal conversation was back when I was 6 weeks pregnant. Then, the nausea hit by the end of class, and I had to step away from the mat for 6 more weeks.

In all the guidelines I’ve read about practicing yoga during pregnancy, it says to listen to your body. Take it easy. Sure, no twisting, no jumping, no fun stuff. But when your stomach is in a knot, and you don’t know if you’re going to throw up or just die, doing asanas is the LAST thing on your mind. What the practice guidelines should really say is, “You will feel like death throughout the first trimester, and there’s no point in trying to maintain your yoga practice at this time. Give your body a break, and go lie down and drink some ginger ale until you’re feeling better.”

So the news is out. I’ve survived the first trimester. I’m back to my practice with many modifications and awareness of my changing body. While the second trimester energy hasn’t shown up yet, I’m looking forward to building the strength and stamina I’ll need for the next 6 months.

From a yoga standpoint, I’m actually pretty psyched about this pregnancy. Is that weird to say? I feel like I learned so many lessons about my body and what I’m capable of. Since the first pregnancy, I’ve been looking forward to a do-over. Not because my first pregnancy was bad. It was actually pretty okay. But I’m equipped with more knowledge and confidence, and I know I’m much better prepared for how to handle labor and birth. And hey, I love how powerful I feel keeping up an ashtanga practice through 40 weeks, mixed in with some therapeutic prenatal yoga.

Bring it on.

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  1. Omg terri, what wonderful news. haven’t visited tour blog for a while and just read the news now. congratultions :-D:-D
    Our babygirl ist almost 6 months now. time flies..all the best for you

    • Terri says

      thank you so much!

      6 months old already? yes, time flies! everything going well?

      • yes, it’s all good. she is really sweet and quite relaxed 🙂
        take care

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