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Is maternity yoga wear necessary?

Beyond Yoga's Hug the Belly Long Legging for $93.00

Beyond Yoga’s Hug the Belly Long Legging for $93.00

Recently, Beyond Yoga came out with a maternity line of yoga wear. Before it was revealed on the site, I was actually eagerly anticipating what simple and sleek designs they would come up with. And honestly, I was disappointed. The designs themselves were okay. I’m not a fan of a full panel until the very end of pregnancy, and while I know the waistband on the Long Legging can fold over, it’s a lot of extra fabric to deal with up until the last few months. AND the $93 price point is pretty painful for something you wear for only a few months.

Beyond Yoga's Great Expectations Tank for $75.00

Beyond Yoga’s Great Expectations Tank for $75.00

The Great Expectations Tank is pretty cute with the shirring and the adjustable length. But again, I have a hard time swallowing that price point. It doesn’t have a built-in bra or a racerback, which I prefer for all my yoga tanks, so it’s just a super expensive tech-y top that will likely end up as loungewear.

All the pieces at least do feature natural sweat-wicking properties, which I’ve enjoyed in the Beyond Yoga leggings and sports bra I’ve bought before, so I definitely give them credit for that. I bought a fit2Bmom maternity yoga tank during my last pregnancy off of a Gilt Group type site, and while it was flattering, it was straight up absorbent cotton material. I nearly got stuck trying to rip a wet tank stuck to my swollen pregnant body after a particularly sweaty class. It was not a pretty sight.

I gave up on my search for maternity yoga wear last time after a few duds arrived on my doorstep. Most of the yoga pants were pretty much useless loungewear. And a few were made of some really uncomfortable material that felt stiff (I’m looking at you, Gap Maternity active tank circa 2011) that got promptly returned.

Instead, I went back to my tried and true Lululemon Groove Crops. They sat low enough under the belly without cutting into the flesh and seemed to stretch (and still hold shape) with my widening hips and thighs. I also kept to my Cool Racerback tank and the Costco knock-offs of both, and everything stretched right along without getting stretched out.

Of course, I was curious to see if Lulu would ever come out with a maternity line just because it seems like free money could be made by adding the word “maternity” and some shirring on the sides. I was pleasantly surprised to find this old blog post where they explained:

We often get asked here at lululemon whether or not we have a maternity line. The truth is, many of our products are already perfect for growing with your body before, throughout, and after your pregnancy. The reason? Four-way stretch and flattering cuts designed to show off your curves.

Most of my yoga tanks are now 3 years old and starting to show some wear, so I was hoping to see more variety on the maternity front that could take me from a little bloated to holy crap I’m huge (and also that awkward post-baby belly that takes a while to go away). I know Gap and Old Navy have really improved their maternity offerings and quality since the last time I shopped them, but maybe I should just give up on trying to buy pregnancy-specific workout gear. I haven’t come across a brand that has the same stretch as LLL, making it pretty much unnecessary to shop for maternity yoga wear.

Hmm… or maybe that means I have justification to buy something at Lululemon because I know it will last me well past this pregnancy. This is dangerous.

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