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Yoga Bucket List 2013: Q3 Update


Wow. Well, uh… not much has been knocked off my list since Q2. Life kind of got in the way of yoga. But, Q4 looks promising.

  • Survive a Bikram class
    • Took a BHot (aka Hot 26, aka Bikram) class on 4/18
  • Try SUP (Stand-up Paddleboard) Yoga
  • Try 5 new teachers
  • Attend a group meditation session
  • Attend 2 conferences or festivals
    • 1) Ashtanga Yoga Confluence 2/28-3/3
    • 2) Planning to attend Wanderlust Austin Festival 11/8-11/10
  • Attend 2 workshops
    • Introspection and Insight: A Yoga Nidra / Yin Yoga Experience with Laura Forsyth at Yoga Yoga 360 4/6
    • Meditation with Anna Geiselman at Castle Hill 4/20
    • Spread Your Wings, Shoulder girdle workshop with Shanti at Bfree Yoga 5/18
    • Happy Hips Workshop with KK at Wanderlust Austin 7/13
  • Get into and hold Pincha Mayurasana for 5 breaths
    • Stayed up there without a wall for 3 full seconds (2 panicked breaths) before losing my balance. In progress.
  • Sit in full lotus
    • Currently sitting uncomfortably in it, but my ankles don’t feel good and my feet fall asleep. In progress.
  • Bring 3 friends to try their first yoga class
    • Come on. Anyone want to go to a class with me?
  • Read 2 yoga-related books
  • Try a yoga nidra class
    • Deep Relaxation with Laura at Yoga Yoga 5/20
  • Try an anti-gravity yoga class
    • Antigravity Yoga Austin 4/29
    • Antigravity Yoga Austin 5/6
  • Try a Water Yoga class
    • Aqua Kriya 8/25

If anyone has any recommendations for local workshops or conferences/festivals in or near the Austin area, I’m open to it!

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