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Beard League: Practicing the Selfie

The bearders have been taking their daily beard growth pictures, and since we have another two weeks to go, I felt like Ben needed more practice getting his picture taken. Mix up his facial expressions. Try different angles. As his coach, I asked him to study selfies. Ya know, those silly cell phone pics that teens and Kim Kardashian are so good at doing.

And then we practiced. And practiced. And practiced. How did we do?

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1. Fun with Photobooth Birds Selfie

Photo on 11-14-13 at 1.34 PM

2. Pensive, Hard-at-work Selfie

Pensive hard-at-work selfie

3. Eating Lunch Selfie


4. Can you see my belly bump? Selfie (Just couldn’t get myself to attempt Jessica Simpson’s pregnant belly selfie.)


5. Who farted? Selfie


6. Duckface Selfies, a classic



7. Pretending to take a Selfie to catch what other people are doing Selfie


And finally…

8. Awkward Flash in the Bathroom Mirror Selfie


Please donate to our team! We’re working hard to make Ben’s beard grow and capture it in all its glory. We need all the support we can get.

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