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Beard League: Yoga for Hair Growth

Since this is a yoga blog and all, I couldn’t let Ben go all month without doing some yoga. Conveniently, there’s a YouTube video by with 6 Yoga Poses for Hair Growth. It couldn’t hurt, right?

Show Ben some beard-growing encouragement by donating to our team. All donations go to the Feuille Family Scholarship Fund.

As his coach, I put him through the 6 poses. He’s on a nightly routine to work on them before he’s allowed to enjoy savasana.

1. Standing Forward fold


2. Rabbit Pose


3. Camel Pose


4. Downward Dog


5. Upward Dog/Cobra


6. Shoulder Stand


Competition is starting to spread out, but we’re still right in the middle of it and need your donations. Skip today’s Peppermint Mocha at Starbucks and throw $5 our way! Donate here on Ben’s page.

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