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Prenatal yoga included at Austin Area Birthing Center

I gotta give a shout out to the Austin Area Birthing Center, which is where I’m planning to give birth this time. They offer prenatal yoga three times a week INCLUDED as part of your prenatal care. How awesome is that? And the times that are offered are great. Two evenings during the week and a Saturday morning, so us office workers actually have a chance of making it.

The classes are held in a carpeted room upstairs, which is a little weird, but hey… free yoga, right? During the class, we talk pretty extensively about which postures are affecting what in terms of supporting pregnancy, labor, birth and postpartum. While it’s much more discussion (lots of questions!) than I’m used to in a yoga class, I feel like I’m getting a lot of educational information in addition to addressing aches and pains.

I’m really enjoying the care I’m getting there from all the midwives and the staff. They focus a lot more on nutrition and wellness to ensure a healthy pregnancy, and being a fit mother is important for the big birth event. I did have to negotiate my yoga time with the husband so I don’t leave him tending to a toddler solo too many times a week, and I think this will work out nicely. Between this and my other scheduled yoga classes, I’m probably way more fit DURING pregnancy than before or after. I’m doing it all for the baby.

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  1. Kari Lavelle says

    That’s so awesome! This birthing center (with yoga!) almost makes me want another one! (Almost…)
    Congrats if I haven’t already congratulated you- exciting!

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