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Last year, when I started a new job, I had no idea what I would stumble upon in the month of November. I work in advertising, so weird stuff happens all the time and is pretty much the norm. November in particular, though, is when I got to see a whole different level of weird (and creativity!) with my new co-workers.

They have their own version of No Shave November. For those unfamiliar, November is a month dedicated to raising awareness and funds for prostate cancer and other men’s health issues. Many men will participate in Movember by growing out a mustache and documenting the journey.

Well, at my company, it’s not just mustaches, and this is no ordinary photographic journey. We also do it specifically to honor the memory of a fallen co-worker, Robert Feuille, who was ultimately defeated by testicular cancer in 2010 at the age of 28, leaving a wife and 3 young children behind. All donations raised through our efforts go into a college fund for his kids.

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Robert Feuille

I wasn’t around to get to know Robert, but I can tell from how my co-workers talk about him and continue to honor him year after year, he must’ve been a pretty cool guy.

This year, we’ve created The Beard League. I will be coaching one of my co-workers as he grows his facial hair for this notable cause, and as a team, we will be looking to raise the most money by the end of the month. Without further ado, let me introduce to you my bearder, Ben:


Hmm… I’ve got quite the uphill battle to start off with such a baby face, huh? We’ll have to get extra creative to make the most of what slow growth comes out of those follicles. Maybe you’ll see some messaging on this peach fuzz to make up for the lack of hair:


I’ll post regular updates and some fun behind the scenes silliness, like so:


If you feel compelled to donate, please go to and add to my team’s donations.

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