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Wanderlust ATX: Day 1


Wow. What an amazing weekend. And I’m not just drinking the kool-aid that is Wanderlust (maybe they’re pumping something into the air?). I have to admit that I had my doubts. These were going to be crazy packed classes, and everyone was going to show up in their too cute Lululemon outfits. Instead, each day got better and better.

The first day was a bit rough. They had some logistical kinks to work out with registration and getting people in and out of the studio spaces. There were only 4 practice spaces between Wanderlust studio and Brazos Hall next door. Since the studio is where registration was happening, plus bathrooms/lockers AND the Blenders & Bowls Cafe, it was really crowded with people going every which way. They got it sorted out and organized by the early afternoon.


I started with a 10 am class with a local favorite, Gioconda Parker. It was an all-levels Essential Vinyasa class. I’ve taken Gioconda’s classes many times and loved them all. Seemed a ton of people all love her too because we were packed mat to mat with only 3 finger widths between each. They had these little pieces of tape to help keep mats lined up for maximum capacity.


I felt pretty comfortable getting through the class, modifying some twists and hanging out in child’s pose when they went into variations of salambasana (locust pose, which is a heart opener while lying on the belly).

My noon class was with Shiva Rea. It was a prana flow class, called Solar Meditation for the Inner Heart Fire. There was a lot of chanting and talking about chakras. I’m not used to chanting outside of the opening ashtanga chant, so I was feeling pretty out of my element.


We moved our prana through what felt like a billion fast-paced sun salutations. Then, she put us through variations of salambasana. This seemed to be a very popular posture throughout the weekend, so I started doing camel pose (and I’m sure I was sticking out like a sore thumb when everyone else was lying down on their bellies). I saw another girl doing camel a few mats over and spied a bit of a baby bump, so I felt less self conscious of my pregnant state!


By the time I got to my last class of the day, I was starting to feel a bit pooped. It was with New York teacher Schuyler Grant. She describes her style of yoga as Kula Flow, a combination of ashtanga and Iyengar. I’m familiar with both, so I thought I’d be right in my element. Whoa. She is intense! Even a little militant. And again with salambasana. I took it as easy as I could to preserve some energy for the next couple days. But we did get to play with crow as part of the flow. Weee!

One thing I learned after 3 back-to-back classes was everyone has a different version of surya namaskara. I’m used to the ashtanga version and always get a little confused when an extra pose or breath is inserted. I wonder why there isn’t a single standard flow for surya namaskara.


The sweetest part of my day was the lovely fresh rose waiting on each of our mats as we stirred from savasana to join the rest of the outside world. KIND bars were one of the main sponsors, and they tagged each rose with a nice little card.

I was feeling the soreness settle in that night already, so I took a second look at what I signed up for the second day and made adjustments. Stay tuned for recaps on the remaining days. In the mean time, here are more pics I took from the fest.

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  1. Kari Lavelle says

    So jealous you got to practice with Shiva Rea- I love her! So impressed you packed so much yoga in- your energy levels must be good! 😉

    • Terri says

      that second trimester energy definitely kicked in just in time for wanderlust. i was still going to bed early though. some nights, i’m asleep by 8:30 or 9.

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