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Wanderlust ATX: Day 2

Originally, I had 3 classes signed up for Saturday. But at the last minute, I got an invitation to attend Wendy Davis’s filing of her gubernatorial papers. How could I pass that up??!? Here’s proof from the front row:


I was so sore from day 1 that I actually didn’t mind that I was down to two classes for the day. I walked back over to Brazos Hall for a noon class with Erinn Lewis on the rooftop deck. The weather cleared up after a drizzly morning, which was perfect for her fun flow class, titled Fire + Nectar: Get Hot, Chillll Out.


Erinn has such a fun attitude and spirit to her. I’m a fan! While I was making friends with the gals next to me, one of whom is also here in Austin, we were trying to figure out where we could travel to take her class. New York? LA? Turns out Erinn is local too, teaching at Dharma Yoga and Eastside Yoga.

She had great sequencing of her flows, and even the partner work (and ugh… you know how much the words “find a partner” give me the creeps) was lighthearted and fun. We ended the class in a giant circle, taking in deep inhales and exhaling with lion’s breath. Yup. A rooftop of mostly ladies, making the most unladylike faces you can imagine.

Needing a lunch break, which was a lesson I learned from day one, I spent most of the afternoon chilling out at the Kula Market. All their sponsors were there. Since I work in advertising, I’m always interested in seeing what experiences other brands bring.


Toyota had a big display with the BEST swag. Who cares that they had a Rav 4 and Prius on display. They were screen printing canvas bags with a custom Wanderlust Austin design. And they were giving away yoga mat cleaning solution that you can mix and match. AND, trail mix!!! Perfectly suited for the audience. They did require you fill out a “survey” (lead capture, anyone?) to get the goods, but I happily obliged. I can’t say no to free stuff.


They also had Aerial Yoga demonstrations and a Hooping workshop that afternoon. You know it’s not a yoga festival until the hula hoops come out. Since both activities were off limits to my pregnant body, I jealously sat on the side and observed. I did get this amazing slow-motion video capture of a girl with some good hip action. Ever since I got my iPhone 5S, I’ve been having fun playing with the slow-mo video function.

I went back into The Mothership studio space to finish up with a yin yoga class. What I love about a yin class is that you get cozy with as many props as you can find. Bolster. Blocks. Blanket. Whatever makes you feel better. And then you hang out in deep stretches for long periods of time. It is the total opposite of a vinyasa class, which is constantly moving and breathing and balancing.

Yin is challenging on its own. Pigeon is one of those postures for me that starts to hurt after a while. It’s a hip opener, and I have super tight hips. So to hang out in that stretch for 3 minutes or 5 or however long it was, I had a really hard time getting OUT of the pose. But it opens you up in ways that can’t be done in a shorter period. I left that class super blissed out. The teacher, Anne Marie Kramer, was lovely. I’ll have to find her in Sacramento if I ever get up that way.

Day 2 was fantastic. I found the right balance of a challenging, faster moving class full of laughter, followed up by a slow, introverted, quiet class. And the free swag didn’t hurt.

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