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Wanderlust ATX: Day 3


The final day of Wanderlust Austin was the perfect ending to a fun weekend of yoga, yoga and more yoga. I actually missed the 10 am class I signed up for and chose to go to my son’s music class instead. It got me back downtown in time for Seane Corn’s Light FM class.

The description of the class read:

In this fun, light-hearted and soulful vinyasa class, come see why Seane has never quite been known for her music playlists, as she takes you through a journey of classic soft rock hits from the 70’s and 80’s.

She prefaced the class by informing those of us who were new to her that she doesn’t normally play music in class. It’s more about sharing the movement and breath as a group. She made an exception and played a compilation of her personal favorites, and it was AWESOME. I’m a huge 80s pop fan, so the description alone sold me on the class. The funniest part was her admittedly poor technical skills in creating a smooth playlist that naturally transitions from one song to the next. Great yoga teacher. Terrible DJ. 🙂

This was the class I felt the most in my element. We had ashtanga-style sun salutations, flowing standing postures, forward folds, standing balances, some heart openers (again, I swapped out salambasana for camel) and then a dance break while “Relax!” blared over the speakers.

Seane Corn Dance Break Wanderlust ATX 2013.11.10 from Terri H.K. on Vimeo.

As my last asana class, I loved every moment. I was warm and sweaty and vinyasa-ing. There was great music. I had such a blast and felt so uplifted taking her class. I will definitely jump on any future opportunities to practice with her.


To end my Wanderlust experience, I went to Go with the Flow: Parenting Yogi Style with Erinn Lewis. As I’ve shared on my blog, I’ve really struggled with being a parent to a toddler. We are FULLY in the terrible twos (and being pregnant doesn’t help at all!). The class was a safe “container” for us to support each other, let out all of our baggage and practice meditation to get back to a happier place.

In the course of that session, I met a wonderful new friend during the partner work, who I hope to visit within the next year. It was kind of the perfect emotional closure I needed after 3 days of moving and stretching and breathing all things yoga.

I wasn’t really sure how a Wanderlust Festival would go in a city environment like Austin. It’s probably nothing like the mountain top resorts of Tahoe or Whistler. But I’m so glad they came here and let us have a taste. One of these days, I would really like to go to a destination festival where I can stay at the resort and enjoy the full schedule. Being local meant I was missing all the evening activities like music performances to attend to family obligations. I guess I need to start planning a future vacation!

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